I was born in Madrid. I have been teaching Spanish and Spanish Cinema to
American students for over 10 years. I studied Spanish literature in Madrid and
during that time I also lived in Italy for a year studying literature and Italian as an
Erasmus student. In 2001 I spent 7 months in the US, teaching Spanish and Spanish
Cinema in Washington and Lee University (VA). I am now writing my dissertation on
intercultural studies and cinema. I love multiculturalism, new technologies and learning
about other cultures, which is always very important in my job.

I have been working on my professional digital identity for quite some years now: since
2007 I have been keeping two blogs about cinema De cine and Spanish as a foreign
language MundoEle. In 2010 I worked as a community manager for a school in
Madrid (Estudio Internacional Sampere). 

Right now I'm working as a Faculty Advisor  Educational Technology  at IES Abroad Barcelona.

About the blog:
The description of the tools are often taken directly from the same site. The educational applications given are those of the author of this blog.

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